99designs quality standards

What are 99designs' quality standards?

To ensure clients receive professional designs and maintain the trust of our design community, we curate designers based on a strict set of quality standards. While we recognize that design is inherently subjective, there are certain industry standards that clients rely on us to enforce.

Our Designer Curation team evaluates all designer applications based on proven professional experience and a strict set of quality standards. We encourage all designers to include as much information as they can in their application, with an emphasis on LinkedIn profiles and personal portfolios that demonstrate proven professional experience.

99designs curates our designer community based on the following:

1. Execution of design principles

How well do you execute typography, visual hierarchy, composition and color in your designs? This includes presenting a complete and professional portfolio of only your best work.

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2. Conceptual thought

How well do you develop creative concepts that effectively solve a client's business needs? Do you avoid generic design and refrain from copying other designers' work?

All design submissions must abide by our Concept Originality Policy and our Stock Policy.

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3. Technical skills and deliverables

How well do you organize and produce industry standard files and deliverables for your clients?

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4. Client communication and satisfaction

Please read our guidelines before uploading. Have you followed our Designer Code of Conduct? Do you communicate with clients in a polite and professional way? Are you able to maintain a positive responsiveness score and grow your number of repeat clients? Do you successfully complete handovers and projects? Do you have positive client reviews?

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How can I improve my work?

Need to brush up your design knowledge and professional skills? We offer plenty of great advice, design tips and tutorials on the 99designs blog.

Please note: 99designs reserves the right to put an existing designer's account on hold if their work no longer adequately meets our quality standards.

How many times can I apply to 99designs?

You will be given just two chances to apply to 99designs before your application is permanently declined. The acceptance rate is highly competitive, so your second opportunity to apply will be granted 12 months after your first application is declined.