Make your Facebook ads effective for your business

Creating Facebook ads are not so hard. Every person can do it very easily but the actual thing is a better strategy. I'm not a marketer but I 've experience in this because I did it for my retail store. And I can see there are may posts on internet every person is sharing his thoughts but keep in mind you have different business different audience, you must study consumer behavior on your website and then make decision what you should to do for getting their attention and increase sales. Your website also play an important role take a look at this website which can help you to improve your product page.
Spend little amount and get fast results instead of waiting for long time. Spend $5 for a day and check results for:
1. Time when mostly people interact
2. Traffic to your website
3. Conversion rate
Enhance content on your ad for next time and do it for specific time when you noticed your audience mostly active on Facebook. spend $5 again.
after this result you will have more clear picture you may improve content if needed or if this gets you more sales add more budget. Otherwise on 3rd time make an ad and wait for the best suitable time. Add more budget ummmm $50 for a day (no worries) this is a trick start ad on the time and keep track results. if it makes more sales keep it going or in an hour you'll have better picture instead of waiting a complete day. you may stop ad or keep going it depends upon results of an hour ( but time is most important in this play ). You must run ad on the time when your customers are mostly active.
You might need to enhance your website add new feature or fix any bug on your website you can avail this service for just $15 per task if you buy any plan.